Do you want to have more than one person in your company or family take a course? 

Our Master Classes are designed for individual students because the system tracks each student's progress and issues a certificate at the time of completion.

We now offer group discounts off the Key Course Bundle (three key classes for $99) if you want to have more than one person in your company or family take a course. 

The current platform we use to host our classes does not allow for Group Orders. But, we can easily accomodate them if you order and pay at our T-Biz Network Store HERE

Order the number of "seats" (sold in packages) you want. Once you have paid for the additional seats we send you special Coupon Codes for EACH student (within 24 hours). They can then register for the Key Course Bundle and when they enter the Coupon Code it will zero out the invoice. Easy.

Each student will have access to their own set of courses where our system will track the progress and help them know where they left off. There are dozens of downloads and manuals and at the completion of each course they will receive a Certificate of Completion with their name on it. They have TWO YEARS to complete the courses and/or refer back to them for reference.

The Key Course Bundle includes the courses High-End Color Separations with Photoshop (incuding detailed Photoshop training), T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Illustrator, and T-Shirt Screen Printing.

Group Discount Pricing for Key Course Bundle:
3 Seat Package $64 each ($192 total)
10 Seat Package $55 each ($550 total)
20 Seat Package $45 each ($900 total)
40 Seat Package $40 each ($1600 total)

If you have any questions send email to [email protected].