T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop Master Class

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Photoshop. | taught by Scott Fresener
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Course Curriculum

Session 1 - Computer and Software Requirements
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Session 3 - Photoshop Menus and Tools
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Session 5 - Working With Layers
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Session 6 - Working With Vector Files
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Session 9 - Additional 3rd Party Software Plug-ins
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Session 10 - Summary and Closing Comments
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Course description

T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This course is LIVE right now. You can easily look at some of the FREE content by simply registering for the Free Trial (no money needed). If you would rather not register but you still want to see sample lessons CLICK HERE to see FREE samples on our YouTube channel.

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This course covers basic to advanced techniques on how to use Adobe Photoshop to create T-Shirt graphics.

You will learn how to use the key features that artists use every day to create image for print or for color separations.

Read the full curriculum for all the details. There are 24 short videos!

When you are done with this course you will feel very comfortable using Photoshop. Whether you are a new user - no experience necessary - or a seasoned veteran - there is something in this course for you.

NEW - Use the course for Two Years!
Refer back to the course and review for up to TWO YEARS. You get to keep the downloaded Mini-Manuals and other training aids. The videos are available for two years from the date you register.

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Scott Fresener
Scott Fresener
Master Classes Instructor and Developer

Scott Fresener has been in the industry since 1970 and is the co-author of the book How To Print T-shirts For Fun And Profit along with dozens of video and DVD training programs. He is considered one of the top experts and authorities on every phase of the garment printing process.

Scott created automated separation programs called T-Seps and FastFilms, along withT-RIP for inkjet film output, and is considered a pioneer in the direct-to-garment printing segment. Scott also creates high-end color separations for large and small customers around the world. Scott is the Director of T-Biz Network International and is a popular speaker at trade shows, has contributed hundreds of articles to leading trade magazines, and has served as a consultant to small and large shops worldwide.

For his numerous achievements he received the industry's highest honor - SGIA’s Parmele Award, which recognizes lifetime contribution to the industry. Scott is also past Chairman of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies and was on the Board of Directors of SGIA. He also runs the popular website www.T-BizNetwork.com.

Scott currently does hands-on classes with his son Mike Fresener at the www.PrintersBootCamp.com and in his spare time he plays Bass and Keyboards on and off with classic rock bands in the Phoenix, Arizona.