We have a wide variety of products for the Garment Decorating Industry and number of focused websites. If you have questions about any of our products or services simply email [email protected] or call 480-212-1078 (Mountain Time) or 1/888-801-1561.

If you are in the business of Garment Printing - whether a startup or seasoned printer - make sure to check out www.T-BizNetwork.com for technical articles, industry news, blogs, and a lot more. It is the #1 website in the industry for information.

If you need color separations done personally by Scott Fresener then checkout www.T-BizColorSeps.com. For a flat fee of $75 you get Scott's expert separations. Even if you are taking the online course, Scott can help with extra hard jobs or just do seps for you initially while you are learning the process.

Even if you know the entire process it is often easier to use an automated separation program to do the "heavy lifting" of getting the seps started. T-Seps is used by printers around the world to do high-end color separations. But, the magic is in the tweaks to fix bad artwork, making separations screen print friendly, holding the fine halftone dots on the screens and more - and that is where this course comes into play. Even with an automated program there are simply many times you have do a lot of work pulling key colors and tweaking the seps which is covered in detail in the High-End T-Shirt Printing Color Separations course. Learn more at www.T-Seps.com.