Computer Graphics and T-Shirt Screen Printing
Online Courses by Scott Fresener.

Learn step-by-step at your own pace.

Scott and Mike Fresener

T-Shirt Screen Printing Master Class

Learn everything about T-Shirt Screen Printing with industry veterans Scott and Mike Fresener. 44 videos (15 hours). Course is LIVE now! Price $125 (Reg$199).

Scott Fresener

High-End T-Shirt Color Separations in Photoshop Master Class

Learn how to color separate like the Pros! Scott Fresener teaches how to do high-end color seps in Photoshop. 68 Videos! Price $145. (Reg $245)

Scott Fresener

T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Photoshop Master Class

Learn to create T-Shirt Graphics in Photoshop. This course makes it easy. Beginner to Advanced. 27 Videos! Price $75. (Reg $125)

Jasper Crawford

T-Shirt Graphics with Adobe Illustrator Master Class

Learn how to use the #1 vector graphics program for T-Shirt Graphics. Beginner to Intermediate. 17 Videos! Promotional Price $75. (Reg $125)


Key Course Bundle - Computer Graphics and T-Shirt Printing

Save money by taking our three key courses. This is a $415 value.